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Apology Apology

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nicely played

Hello Karko

Ok thank you for reviewing our piece.

Ok wasn't sur ewhat to expect with this piece, from the title.

It's a very interesting piece that you've played on the piano, this sounds like you've actually played this live as opposed to using software with this, the velocities on the notes and the chord emphasis seem to convince me of this.

It's a very well played piece, we like it.

Great work, keep with the music making.

Ok we agree that this is worthy of a 5, we shall give you your 5 shortly for this piece.

Could you perhaps give us the 5 you claimed you gave us for our piece

your 5 will arrive shortly afterwards.

Thank You


Karco responds:

Wait... have I given you the impression that I recorded my playing this on the piano! No... I did it with FL. =P Was it really that believable?

Ah, and I've already given you your five. But I'll check, to be sure. Thanks for the review. =)

Rhythm Monsters Rhythm Monsters

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good i like it

Hello attemptedperfection

ok before I begin with the review, I'd like to ask one question because I'm intrigued by what you meant by "playing around with samplers" did you mean to say you had hardware samplers at your disposal? or you used software? or did you mean you had samples of all of these sounds and then mixed them up for this very interesting sounding piece?

The title, after first reading it, seemed really bad. After listening to this, which has played on loop for some time, I can actually see this title suiting this piece like a glove.

A great use of sounds in this and overall I just can't fault it, even though you didn't like our drums on our recent piece, I won't give a poor score in return because that's just low

If I thought this was crap though, then I would give a poor score, but it's not so...

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for Rhythm Monsters, raising its score from 3.00 to 3.67.

have that


attemptedperfection responds:

I give only honesty, and honesty is all I expect in return. Thanks for the review! As for the samplers in question, they're software. The tracker I use has multiple samplers with different functions, so I used three of them in this piece; two of them I used with a drum sample I recorded a while back off my drumset, and the other one used a sample of a train. Everything else was done using synths and whatnot. Thanks again for the review!

_-={These Angels of War}=-_ _-={These Angels of War}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hello again MaestroRage, just thought I'd pop back to see if you have any more stories to tell.

A joyous occasion, you have another one, and I'm listening to this on loop to pick up the feeling from the music as to what story is unfolding in this.

Which I must also just say, that on the first listen through I managed to figure out what my mind is interpreting for the beginning of the piece.

This time there is no story to read, so this is gonna be a test.

Ok, the opening on the track, starts with that low beat on a drum, followed by the choir. This choir to me, represents the angels, a kind of feeling about leading this army of angels to a, hopefully triumphant victory.

The percussion, gives me the imagery, of these angels, riding on horseback. maybe they do ride on horseback(?)

I've just stopped to take in the remainder of the piece, to try and evaluate whether these angels have been victorious or not.

I can't I'm afraid, I feel as though this could be an episodic piece, ending on a cliffhanger.

Anyway, as with the last piece I heard and reviewed, I really like it.

Pure genius.

Keep it up

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for _-={These Angels of War}=-_, raising its score from 4.33 to 4.40.

as a side note, we have uploaded a new piece, you may like to hear it, when you can spare a moment.

Thank You


MaestroRage responds:

You are right in the sense that there is a cliff hanger in this piece. This pieces story did not have any definate ending for me, it was as you said, a cliff hanger. More leaning towards showing the angels power, the will and might, but no conflict is shown in this piece.

Showcasing I believe is the keyword here.

Thank you for the review Critical, i've already dropped by your page to see the newest, I will drop by again to view the other. I'm glad you liked it!

Piano Xperiment Piano Xperiment

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Most Excellent

Hello preffertobedead

This, Piano Experiment, is most excellent, I would normally give a lengthy review but in all honesty, you really don't need it.

Well one point, master it just a little more, add more reverb and that's it.

Love this

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for Piano Xperiment, keeping its score at 5.00.

Please come check by our audio page, we've just submitted our 3rd piece together

Thank You


preffertobedead responds:

Wow...a review from Critical Collision..that's awesome...i'l try to master my songs with the reverb as u say...u r the real masters here..xD.

Latin Can't Dance Latin Can't Dance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Only the left speaker :(

Hello StarShineHarle

Yeah plenty of Latin flavor, this is a really, really cool piece, I only have one thing to point out, that's wrong with this, which didn't spoil my enjoyment of the piece, whatsoever.

But, it's all coming out of the left speaker

Other than that, this piece is awesome.

Keep with it man, you're good

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for Latin Can't Dance, raising its score from 2.00 to 3.50.

We've just submitted our 3rd piece, would you like to come and review for us please?

Thank You


StarshineHarle responds:

The left speaker thing might have something to do with your speakers or your computer. It plays fine on I honeslty couldn't tell you what to do. But thank you for pointing it out. If anyone does point it out in the future I will see if there is a way that I can fix it ^-^

Symphony of Destruction! Symphony of Destruction!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Only marked down for originality as it's a cover

Hello Bad-Man-Incorporated

I recognise this piece, I just can't remember who did this originally.

Anyway, is this a band effort I hear here? it's absolutely amazing, you're vocals are excellently executed and I really don't think I'd be able to tell your vocals apart from the original, there are differences, but you've certainly nailed the style.

Excellent work, I love it enough to do this.

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for Symphony of Destruction!, raising its score from 4.29 to 4.38.

Keep rocking

We've just submitted our new piece now too, maybe you'd like to hear it,

Thank You


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

WOW, thanks alot man!! It was Megadeth originally. This was a collaboration of me and Angelsdontkill, Now also of NG.
I will be along shortly to check out your newest tune. Thank you for the kick ass review!\m/

_-={The Metal Visage}=-_ _-={The Metal Visage}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is magnificent

Hello MaestroRage

Ahh the fine art of story telling, through the art of music.

I now wish I had read the first review, after having heard the piece through, to develop my own sense of the unfolding story.

Having played this on loop now for what now must be the 4th time through. the story is definitely there for my ears to hear and my mind to interpret.

The orchestration on this piece captures (me) the listener from the very beginning, the sounds at the very start manage to harness the overall feeling of some otherworldly happenings.

The deep set of strings that follow on from this, tell me, that something dark is occurring (at this point I've actually almost completely forgotten what I read in the first review, which will help to explain how I hear this in my mind)

A quieter moment follows on from those darker heavier strings (and psychic sounds) to a more calmer, violin lead part of this piece. My interpretation of this part is that. the journey thorough this labyrinth has now come to an end. and all seems to be well.

This piece is absolutely phenomenal, there is not a thing out of place with this piece. the laughter fits perfectly into the whole storytelling process with this fine art of story/music.

This is an exceptionally great piece of music making.

Just absolutely pure brilliance, good luck to you with your music making

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for _-={The Metal Visage}=-_, keeping its score at 5.00.

and no less.

We've recently submitted out first contribution to newgrounds, could you possibly spare some time for a review?

Thank You


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MaestroRage responds:

Thank you CC, i'm glad the piece was able to tell you it's story. For sure I've personally never tried anything like this before (telling a whole story, not just a scene), and truth be told I was considering on making it a whole suite, 3 or 4 submissions to tell the whole story. But I didn't want to risk the chance somebody would miss out on an important part of the story, and so I refined the piece to it's shortest means possible while still managing to tell the story.

Perhaps this is a new start for me, to tell whole stories.

In any case your interpretation was very close to the source of the song, i'm glad you saw and thought what I was thinking for the most part.

I'll check by your page as soon as I am able to find the time, if I do forget though please don't hesitate to drop me a pm reminding me, I do tend to forget from time to time.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

[armymenis12] Surfing the Web [armymenis12] Surfing the Web

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really loved this piece keep it up

Hello Armymenis12

Wow man what can I tell you?

This is a great piece, there's a fair bit going on besides the steel drums too.

The melody you have playing with those steel drums, is really something. You don't very often hear a lot of music on NG that uses them. So bonus points for that, I don't recall hearing anything with them for a long while. The melody you have them playing is extremely catchy too, I dare say I'll have the melody stuck in my head for some time to come too.

There's a sound in this that comes in every now and again, which kind of reminds me of the old original sonic the hedgehog games, where you land on spikes or an enemy and you lose all your gold coins. that sounds (I hope you know what I mean) that's a really great sound in this too, I love it.

Now for a teensy weeny bit of a suggestion.

This track, is awesome, I won't take that away from you, It's isn't DnB though to be honest with you, I would recommend this to go under Video Game. the main reason for this, is because it has a very gamey feel to it, I can really imagine this being used in a flash.

If you placed this under Video Game, you would gain so much more attention for this piece. unfortunately, placing this in the wrong genre opens you up to harsher voting by people, they may listen and think to themselves "hey this isn't DnB" and they will down vote you for it. It's harsh but true.

We however believe that irrespective of genre, any great piece should be given it's justifiable score. as this was a most awesome piece, regardless of wrong genre, you will get a 5 for this piece.

I insist you keep at your hard work, if this is anything to go by, you are sure to go down a storm here at NG

Just be a little more careful with your genre choice in future.

Good luck to you, we will make a regular visit to your page, I'd really like to hear what else you can do.

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for [armymenis12] Surfing the Web, raising its score from 3.00 to 3.67.

We've just recently started submitting audio to NG, and would very much love for you to come check by our audio page, we wish for people to hear the fruits of our labor

Thank You, and continue doing what you're doing


Armymenis12 responds:

Thanks, this is just the demo type deal, I still need to polish it up and add a few things like an intro, more different content etc.

THanks for the review, and I will check out your work when I have time :)

just muckin' around just muckin' around

Rated 5 / 5 stars

almost all 10's don't hate us

Hello mhb

Just mucking around? if this is you mucking around, I'd really love to hear when you're taking it seriously.

For just mucking around, man, this is absolutely magnificent.

I've just come from one metal piece, onto this one, now too, I thought the last one was good (which it was) and this one does too.

Now I've said this before, and I'll say it again, whenever I hear metal it makes me wish so bad that I had a guitar and could play too, there's just something about great guitar craft that really makes you stop to take notice. And of course thinking that someone actually played this with their bare hands, is truly amazing, I'm in awe over this.

This blows me away, Thank you so much for making this contribution to NG.

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for just muckin' around, raising its score from 3.33 to 3.75.

I really hate that my 5 only took you upto 3.75
this piece is worthy of so much more of a higher score, I wish you well in getting more attention for this piece.

If you could spare a minute, could you perhaps review for us too please?

we've just started submitting to NG and would just like for people to hear the fruits of a labor

Thank you so much

Keep rocking


mhb responds:

thanks. very much appreciated. now to try and fin out who you two are. i may have an idea but i'm not so sure.

dogshit golem dogshit golem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man you are no less than awesome

Hello CasketGrind

Your best effort? I have to agree with you there, this absolutely rocks, whenever I hear Metal it makes me want to get and learn to play guitar. To know that the music has been crafted by hand in such a way is purely brilliant. The riff you play in this is just out of this world, couldn't hear a single not out of place with this, you truly are skilled with the art of guitar play.

I have to make do with air guitar :(

The percussion on this, I simply cannot fault. am now trying to figure out what software you're using for those. could you enlighten me please?

Well This is an outstanding effort, worthy of no lesser than a 5 vote

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for dogshit golem, keeping its score at 5.00.

now for the little self whoring, sorry

We've just started submitting audio here, and would very much like to get ourselves known round NG, could you perhap check out our page? please.

Thank you


CasketGrind responds:

wow. that was the most nicest thing some one has ever said to me *tear* hahaha

anyway thanks dude.

since you were so nice ill let you know on my drum machine secret. i use magix music maker drums. check out the rest of my shit. haha i got some pretty off the wall shit.