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very nicely played

Hello Karko

Ok thank you for reviewing our piece.

Ok wasn't sur ewhat to expect with this piece, from the title.

It's a very interesting piece that you've played on the piano, this sounds like you've actually played this live as opposed to using software with this, the velocities on the notes and the chord emphasis seem to convince me of this.

It's a very well played piece, we like it.

Great work, keep with the music making.

Ok we agree that this is worthy of a 5, we shall give you your 5 shortly for this piece.

Could you perhaps give us the 5 you claimed you gave us for our piece

your 5 will arrive shortly afterwards.

Thank You


Karco responds:

Wait... have I given you the impression that I recorded my playing this on the piano! No... I did it with FL. =P Was it really that believable?

Ah, and I've already given you your five. But I'll check, to be sure. Thanks for the review. =)

Very good i like it

Hello attemptedperfection

ok before I begin with the review, I'd like to ask one question because I'm intrigued by what you meant by "playing around with samplers" did you mean to say you had hardware samplers at your disposal? or you used software? or did you mean you had samples of all of these sounds and then mixed them up for this very interesting sounding piece?

The title, after first reading it, seemed really bad. After listening to this, which has played on loop for some time, I can actually see this title suiting this piece like a glove.

A great use of sounds in this and overall I just can't fault it, even though you didn't like our drums on our recent piece, I won't give a poor score in return because that's just low

If I thought this was crap though, then I would give a poor score, but it's not so...

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for Rhythm Monsters, raising its score from 3.00 to 3.67.

have that


attemptedperfection responds:

I give only honesty, and honesty is all I expect in return. Thanks for the review! As for the samplers in question, they're software. The tracker I use has multiple samplers with different functions, so I used three of them in this piece; two of them I used with a drum sample I recorded a while back off my drumset, and the other one used a sample of a train. Everything else was done using synths and whatnot. Thanks again for the review!


Hello again MaestroRage, just thought I'd pop back to see if you have any more stories to tell.

A joyous occasion, you have another one, and I'm listening to this on loop to pick up the feeling from the music as to what story is unfolding in this.

Which I must also just say, that on the first listen through I managed to figure out what my mind is interpreting for the beginning of the piece.

This time there is no story to read, so this is gonna be a test.

Ok, the opening on the track, starts with that low beat on a drum, followed by the choir. This choir to me, represents the angels, a kind of feeling about leading this army of angels to a, hopefully triumphant victory.

The percussion, gives me the imagery, of these angels, riding on horseback. maybe they do ride on horseback(?)

I've just stopped to take in the remainder of the piece, to try and evaluate whether these angels have been victorious or not.

I can't I'm afraid, I feel as though this could be an episodic piece, ending on a cliffhanger.

Anyway, as with the last piece I heard and reviewed, I really like it.

Pure genius.

Keep it up

Thanks for your vote, Critical-Collision! You voted 5 for _-={These Angels of War}=-_, raising its score from 4.33 to 4.40.

as a side note, we have uploaded a new piece, you may like to hear it, when you can spare a moment.

Thank You


MaestroRage responds:

You are right in the sense that there is a cliff hanger in this piece. This pieces story did not have any definate ending for me, it was as you said, a cliff hanger. More leaning towards showing the angels power, the will and might, but no conflict is shown in this piece.

Showcasing I believe is the keyword here.

Thank you for the review Critical, i've already dropped by your page to see the newest, I will drop by again to view the other. I'm glad you liked it!

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